Wednesday, August 31, 2011

100 Follower Giveaway!!

***This will stay on top until August 31, 2011***

Like I promised in the previous post.... Here are the photos of my HUGE giveaway!!

In case you missed that post, I will explain :)

I was cleaning my scraproom and found a huge pile of stuff that hasn't gotten any scrappy love so what better way to get new friends than to give it to someone who might actually use it!!??

Win-win situation! I get more room to fill it up with new scrappy stuff, and one lucky person gets a bunch of new toys!! :) and we all come out with new friends! yayy!

The whole lot! (click for bigger picture!)

Letter stickers...

Embellishments...(tags, stickers, Christmas, Halloween, etc...)

Sizzix embossing folders, 12 inch scissors

6x6 scrapbook, funky with fibers, entire line of St. Patricks Day papers w/ glitter (see below..)

Line up of hundreds of sheets of paper!

Entire line of Best Creations, Inc., St. Patricks Day paper w/ glitter!

Going Tropical paper piece kit, more embellishments... Love, Wedding etc... 

PAPER!!! (click for bigger picture) HUGE LOT!

More embellishments and stickers!!

Borders, Titles, Holiday vellum titles, Family vellum titles, Teen vellum titles!!

You get everything shown in the picture!!!

My blog is fairly new so I'm looking for new followers to give me some love on my projects and to meet new scrappy-artsy-crafty friends! 

All you have to do to win is:
1. Become a follower!
2. Leave a comment saying your interested in winning my blog candy!
3. Post about this giveaway on your blog and put it in your sidebar to spread the news!

Everyone wins!

Good luck!


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Kaartenkraam said...

Oh my, I hope I am in time to join in. Your candy is absolutely great and I would love to win it.


Eu sou o Amor said...

oi michelle,sou brasileira e gostaria de ganhar esse kit lindo!

my little scrapping corner said...

i'm a new follower, hope you visit me too.

thanks for the chance

chiara key said...

Omg I thought I could faint lol That is a huge huge candy! I will take the chance to win it since I have started scrapbooking just last month I am stocking up on things and this would so help me lol I dont have a blog yet but I will post a link of this blog on my FB page to help u get new followers.

lavina agarwal said...

Wow - that's a lot of scrapbooking stuff you're going to give away. I'm a new follower. Thanks for the chance to win.

Татьяна said...

Добрый день. Очень рада что попала на ваш замечательный блог! Скрапбукингом увлеклась всего лишь три недели назад и очень хочется выиграть!!!! Спасибо что даете такую возможность!!!!)))

Лена-Лена said...

И я записываюсь

REGIANE said...




tem sorteio la tbem...participe e me ajude a divulgar...

nome de seguidora:
regiane godinho


091478jf said...

Wow, what an awesome giveaway. I would LOVE to be the winner of your AWESOME candy giveaway. Hope I'm not too late.

Stacy H-W said...

Good grief girl I am follower 210!! Go you!! Sorry to hear of your current problems. I hope all works out for you and your sweet baby.
I'm a new follower and hope to see more of your work in the future. I have you linked on my blog and posted about this giveaway...and I'm definitely intersted in winning it! lol Stacy H-W

Molossus said...

I'm following you, and have posted about your giveaway (, and put it in my sidebar. What a generous giveaway!

rachel said...

WOW!!!!! This is an awesome giveaway!!!!very, very lovely candy:0)

greetings from Poland!:)


i am the diva said...

i'd love to win the booty!! i'm following... and will post a link on my blog

libellule said...

Hi dear Michelle! I'm so glad I've found your blog. The works made by you - are wonderful!
I'm so sorry for the personal situation in your life and it touched me so much, because the story with my hubby is almost the same. I also have a baby girl the same age as yours and also have not been living with her daddy for while.So I can understand what you feel and are going through now.I wish you just courage, strength and belief that everything that is done is done for the better!
I would like to participate in your awesome candy. I'm not from the US but I'm ready to pay the transport expences.
Hug you, Irina

Diane said...

I am one of the many who would love to win your blog candy. If it helps you get new stuff I'm all for helping you. LOL

*** Sandrinha *** said...

Spreading the blog and lateral:

Sandy said...

Well - you are over 200 now! I'm a new follower and I'm interested in winning. I will post your contest on my Facebook page. I don't know how to post it on the side of my blog...


I'm your 217 follower
Come and BEE a follower on my blog
Rebecca Minor
I will post it on my blog too

Jenn Zeeb said...

Wow, thats alot of STUFF, and boy do I like Stuff, hehe. I am a follower and posted a link on my blog.


craftybirdlisa said...

Hi Michelle I have looked at your fab blog and have become a follower - like you I also have a fairly new blog. Thanks for this great opportunity to win such a fab stash.

Laryssa Gaia said...

follower: Laryssa Gaia
Spreading the blog and lateral:

Kolina said...

wow!! it is really huge!!!
i want to be the lucky one!!
it would be a great present as here it is hard to buy so many stuff. it is too expensive.
thank you for the chance!!!

Shell said...

What a wonderful blog! I am now a follower, and would love to win your blog candy.
Thank you so much for the chance!

Anonymous said...

Lilian da Silva Cardoso

Lolô Artesanato said...

Wow" What a wonderful giveaway!
Tks for the chance to win
I'm follower and posted about this in my blog's sidebar and here:

KroXa said...


I really want that candy. I already know how I can apply all these materials!
my blog -

Shubhra said...

Ohhhh my god...u r one generous lady !! Its more than enough for anyone to start scrapbooking from scratch...! I love ur blog and ur baby :)
Have followed the rules


Shubhra said...

Ohhhh my god...u r one generous lady !! Its more than enough for anyone to start scrapbooking from scratch...! I love ur blog and ur baby :)
Have followed the rules


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh my god...u r one generous lady !! Its more than enough for anyone to start scrapbooking from scratch...! I love ur blog and ur baby :)
Have followed the rules

For some reason I am not able to comment from my Id


Preeti said...

Hey!! Its cool...

Even my blog is very new and i'm looking forward to making it popular!!


Tennessee Beader said...

This is such a GREAT giveaway. It makes my eyes water just thinking about it! I'm a follower already; I'll link at

ANA LÚCIA said...

Uau! Que maravilha. Quero demais e preciso ganhar. Estou começando na arte do scrap agora e preciso de novos materiais para começar a criar e este kit lindo e útil vai me ajudar "mmuuiittoo"! Também vai ser bom seguir o seu blog. Vou divulgar no meu blog Boa sorte para mim.Visite meus blogs e será bem vinda.

Maria Eugenia said...

Hello sorry I do not speak English, use the google translator, I'm starting to scrap and it is true what you say can make you miss someone who can use it, jajajaj like me and therefore I signed up for your super candy. many thanks ... I put on my blog,

Manu said...

Wow!! What a great candy!! Thanks for the chance to win, finger crosses!! Hugs!

Kemma said...

I would love to win your blog candy! What a terrific way to clean out, I hope to have enough stuff some day to be able to pay it forward.

AmyLove said...

omg dude your work is sooo cute, i am new at this but i want to have skills like you! your baby is super cute too!!!! i wanna win your candy so bad especially cuz i'm new and on a budget, God bless :-)

ТаТа said...

Очень хочется поучаствовать в такой конфетки.
Ссылка на боковой панели.
Я уже второй раз пишу и почему то нет сообщения может быть на этот раз повезет

VenEra said...

WOW!!! Crazy candy!
I am a new follower.
Thank you for the chance to win:)

Susan said...

what amazing and generous candy you are offering! Please toss my name in the hat!(being disabled, winning stuff helps me, $ wise) I have you on my sidebar plus posted about it!
Thanks So much :)

susanscraps AT comcast DOT net

Crie Artezzanato said...

Hi.. Beautiful candy!!! I am follower of your blog - Crie Artezzanato.

I have posted to the sidebar on my

Val Rodrigues (Brazil)

Nasuha said...

Hello miss!great to know this!

wish me luck


Mimì said...

quante cosette carine, troppo belli i premi, partecipo più che volentieri al tuo candy.

scrapbypolly said...

Wow girl. What an amazing candy. Here in Brazil it´s very hard to get so many things like this candy cause every scrapthing is expensive here. It´s all about taxes....
I really want to win thanks for the opportunity
here is the post
i put your candy on the sidebar

scrapbypolly said...

did you see my blog already Kenzie???
i hope you saw, i realy want to win this candy

Mary said...

Wonderful candy! Thanks for the chance!
I am a new follower!
Here's the link to the post on my blog

Mary Gonzalez( From Brazil)

ncokely said...

I found your blog looking for projects for my art students and I love to scrapbook!!
Great ideas and projects!!
P.S. I became a follower too!!

Agnieszka z Odstresowni said...

Piękne! Dopisuję się do kolejki
Agnieszka z Odstresowni

kimmie_35 said...

Love your blog... would love to win your giveaway... All of your crafting is lovely, I especially love your scrapbook layouts they are gorgeous!
Fingers crossed, eh?
Look forward to following you.

Chiara said...



Thanks for the chance to win.

Teela said...

WOW, that is a HUGE giveaway! I saw your blog giveaway while doing the Faith BlogHOP this a.m. Of course, I would love to win the Loot...who wouldn't? But I'm your newest follower and I hope that you will follow me as well. Regards, teelayoung at hotmail dot com KUDOS on boosting your following up like you have!

Teela said...

I left a post, but don't see if. I would love to win your fab giveaway. KUDOS in boosting your following to way on up there. I'm posting this on my blog: and am your newest follower an hope you will follow me!
Blessings~ teelayoung at hotmail dot com

Sandra said...

Wow... quante cose bellissime... complimenti...
il mio blog è:

SAAM said...

wow wow wow!!!!
I can not be follows, why?
Everything else did!
Thanks x the opportunity, this very rich candy

S.Bayles said...

I am a follower already. What a great prize. I am sure eveyone is wanting to win. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone. Come visit me to.......

Michelle said...

Hey Michelle,
Wow what a wonderful giveaway....There are going to be some really happy people.... Love your blog and I have you posted on my blog as well.
mpetrovich23 at yahoo dot com

Michelle said...

I also shared about your giveaway on my facebook!!!
mpetrovich23 at yahoo dot com

Michelle said...

I'm already a follower of your blog. Again thanks for the chance to win some of this awesome blog candy!!! I would love some of the embossing folders and all of that paper and embellishments..... Thanks again good luck to everyone.
mpetrovich23 at yahoo dot com

Edwina said...

I am a new follower! Your blog candy is really great! Thanks for the chance to win. Edwina Brown

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