Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Halloween Rosette Wreath!

I made my first tutorial on how to make a rosette wreath (just in case someone who follows me doesn't already know!) :) I know I didn't know how until I followed along with Faith Abigail Designs. This girl is a paper genius! Her tutorial was amazing, so I remade it with my own project.

Okay, so here goes. I wanted to make a wreath for Halloween and I loveeedd the way Faith's came out so I scraplifted her idea and just used different paper and added a Happy Halloween Title to my wreath and an LSHD pattern. I LOVE the way it came out.. I am sooo proud that I finally made this!

So here is how I made it :)

First I wrapped an orange glitter ribbon around a styrofoam wreath from Michaels.

Then I chose 4 papers from K&Co's Spooktacular 12x12 paper pad

I then cut them into strips of 1.5x12 for the biggest rosettes, 1.25x10 for the medium rosettes, and 1x8 for the smallest rosettes. I scored each strip at every quarter inch with my Martha Stewart Score Board.

After scoring the strips I accordion folded each one or mountain-valley folded, and cut one section off each one so one end had a mountain fold and the other had a valley fold.

Then I added adhesive to one end and put the two ends together...

And got this. :)

Here is a picture of all my paper rosette rings.. I did every step in an assembly line way which made it easier I think.

39 in total. But that's because the 4 sheets of paper yielded this many. I only used 33 on my wreath and liked how it looked so I didn't add anymore. It depends on how big you want your wreath or how full.

Then I punched out circles, out of cardstock to glue to the backs and to keep the rosettes flat. Any size circle should work fine. As long as it's not bigger than your smallest rosette. Or too small to use a generous amount of glue.

I used a hot glue gun, I read from a bunch of blogs that this is the best adhesive to use since it bonds fast and holds strong and it's true!

Push the centers of the rosettes until they are flat and glue the circles onto the back to keep them that way.

Then you will have a pile of pretty rosettes!

I added rhinestones in purple, orange, and clear to coordinate with my papers and inked the edges and folds of each rosette with black to create more contrast.

I hot glued each and every one on to the wreath until I liked the fullness of it.

I added a "Happy Halloween" dimensional sticker from Recollections to finish my wreath and I LOVE IT! It made a perfect sentiment and the colors matched exactly :)

Final Product! :)
I pulled this wreath out this year and revamped it with a Double Trouble Witch from Little Scraps Of Heaven Designs along with her cauldron and broomstick to give it a little more oomph!

(sorry for my horrible lighting.... the only time I can do any crafting is late night when the little one is asleep so I either use flash or my lamp. I couldn't wait until morning to take pictures so this is what we get! lol)



Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cricut Cartridge Storage

Hi everyone!
I wanted to take a second to share my method of how I store my cricut cartridges :)

I bought this SnapWare container from my local hardware store and it works perfect! :)

In the top section I have all of my handbooks and overlays, I don't have that many cartridges to this works for now, but as you can see it's filling up fast! But the good thing is, these are really cheap and I can buy another one and take the lid off and add to this...

In the bottom section I made these partitions out of thin chipboard and cut slits to make this fit into each other and there are 27 slots, but like I said I don't have that many so this is a lotttt of extra space for right now :)

Here is a view f the front. I made labels with my label maker to organize them a little bit. Right now I currently own 7 cartridges so I have a while to go before this section is full :)

And my last picture is of the whole thing filled up and with the lid back on :)

I hope I helped someone to find a new way to store your cricut cartridges!


Michelle & Kenzie :D

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New "Recent Work" Tab!

Hi Followers!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have added new tabs at the top of the page so you can see my most recent work more easily without having to scroll through my whole blog. :)

Let me know what you think!



Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautiful :)

Hi everyonee! Okay so I know I haven't been around in foreverrrr... but I'm coming back!

I made this before I disappeared and I never got around to posting it so I'm making my comeback with this "beautiful" layout :)

I used this sketch by Sketchy Thursdays

Here is my take on the sketch.

I folded down the edges and put a different paper behind that I then used for the lacey edges in the center and for the butterflies. The butterflies are punches by Martha Stewart and I inked them with pink on the wings and added 2 pink rhinestones to the center of each one. "November" is a rub-on. 

 The title and the pregnant girl are dimensional stickers from Recollections and I used a heart shaped die as a mask off for the background and spray misted with smooch spritz to create my background :) It was my first try with misters and I loved it!

 I used the same heart die to create the heart on the top corner also. I sprayed first with Walnut Ink spray and then moved the heart and sprayed with smooch to create the two different hearts.

I was too late to enter in their challenge because of my move but I still loved the sketch and I'm entering into the one due next thursday so check back!