Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cricut Cartridge Storage

Hi everyone!
I wanted to take a second to share my method of how I store my cricut cartridges :)

I bought this SnapWare container from my local hardware store and it works perfect! :)

In the top section I have all of my handbooks and overlays, I don't have that many cartridges to this works for now, but as you can see it's filling up fast! But the good thing is, these are really cheap and I can buy another one and take the lid off and add to this...

In the bottom section I made these partitions out of thin chipboard and cut slits to make this fit into each other and there are 27 slots, but like I said I don't have that many so this is a lotttt of extra space for right now :)

Here is a view f the front. I made labels with my label maker to organize them a little bit. Right now I currently own 7 cartridges so I have a while to go before this section is full :)

And my last picture is of the whole thing filled up and with the lid back on :)

I hope I helped someone to find a new way to store your cricut cartridges!


Michelle & Kenzie :D

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CraftyLoops said...

How clever, really great storage. Lee x