Sunday, January 8, 2012

crafty corner storage

I share my craft room with my own bedroom and my daughters room so you can only imagine how crowded my room is. Lol. I wanted to do a quick tell-all about how I make my little corner of craftiness work. I hope I can help someone else that is as crowded as I am :)

First off starting with the left side of the corner is my cube shelving unit. I love it! It holds sooo much. This is where my cricut and some albums go. Inside the cubes holds a lot of random stuff. Like photo boxes and edge punches and my xyron sticker makers. It also has a lot of non-scrappy stuff like school books, Kenzie's books, and in the canvas drawers are random things like clothes I didn't want to put away ;) lol OHH and not to mention all Kenzie's toys that are too big for the rest of the house -__-

eyelets and brads container, xyron and edge punches... my others are on my desk at the moment, i only have 3.. I need to step my edge puncher game up lol :)

ongoing papermache drawer project :/ photo box

cricut boxes, xyron, random shoebox with more storage

Then on the right of the corner there is my printer shelf and my ribbon shelf with my sissix texture boutique :) (in the mirror you can see my daughters makeshift closet above her changing table on the other side of the room.. told you it was crowded!

To the right of that there is my desk.. Not much room if you ask me, that is why recently we put a huge table in the middle of my room. Totally in the way but so much more work space! I can shove the table under the printer when I need it out of the way but it hasn't been there yet! There's Kenzie flipping through the pages of my 4x6 paper pads.. She's obsessed with paper already!!!! On the left side are all of my papers, then all my stickers and scraps and embellies are in the drawers and to the right on top of the desk (not shown) are my little drawers for little stuff. (my desk is a mess ;))

These shelves are sold at Michaels. This is 2 paper stacker ones on top of each other.

First shelf is my Best of K&Company pad (also where I store my cricut mats)

Second shelf is all of my Best Creations 12x12 and 6x6 that I won from Britt:) at Life, Paper, Scissors

Third shelf is all of my single sheets and papers I use the most, including my open pack of Echo Park (LOVE)

Next is my paper stacks

Then my mat stacks and cardstock 12x12 Loose sheets (underneath)

And the rest are more paper pads

On to the colorful drawers under my desk: 
The top drawer is all my pens, then the second drawer is all of my letters and letter stickers and my diamond glaze.

Next is all my stamp pads, mists, inks and embossing powders and stamp cleaner

Then all of my clear stamps, rubber stamps, PKS and punches

Then scraps!!!

Last on the left side is all my cardstock 8.5x11

top drawer on the right side is my embossing folders, ATG and heat gun, and stencils and tissue tape by TH

Then bling and random embellies

The TH embellies and more bling and stickers

The a whole drawer for baby embellies and stickers

Then my loose ribbons and acrylic mini albums not even started on.. 

Then las ton the right is more scraps!

in the white drawer that makes up the right leg of my desk is where i put all my twine and embroidery floss and glue gun and zots.. its a mess!

Then in the shelf I have my flower tins and paper bags

and some albums and my MS score board

On top of the desk that I was talking about above I have my small drawers that have my tool kit...

scissors and stapler and Sew-easy

I don't know why the white out is in here.. but this one is pliers and circle cutter templates

zig pen, tape runner and pop dots.. and in the top are my white board pens.

I hope this showed someone that you can have alottttt in a little bit of space with the right system.. I have a little organizational problem but hey it works for me and everything has its place and if it's moved I know it. :)



Michele F. said...

ha ha... this is great. I too have a small space. In fact I was just down there today putting some paper packs on a card table becauase I don't quite have space for them. I decided to take out my photo storage boxes... and reorganize tonight so my paper has room. hmmmm paper or photos.. what is more important?? :-) Hey.. if it works for you... that is all that matters. I keep telling myself, if I use my stuff I might have more room. LOL

CraftyLoops said...

Hi Michelle. It may be small but you have utilised the space really well. I have a wee box room which I use and it has got so bad that the door actually cant open properly as I have it packed full of stuff! So New Years Resolution......Im sorting out my room! Lovely tour of your space. Lee x

Sandra said...

Wow it's amazing how you have all this crafting stuff in a small area you have done amazing with it:) Sandra H