Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Emily Update!

Scrappin' For Kenzie Blog Hop

Hi! My brother Sean has just posted in Emily's Caring Bridge journal! Here is the entry:

written by Sean Ziemathis

Today was a chemo day. But I got to go to Seattle from home. Mommy drove me all the way there and I had to wake up extra early. It was even still dark outside! The drive was long but that meant I got to sleep for a while on the way back. All of my blood counts looked great today, no medicine changes and my bone marrow is working hard at making new healthy cells! I also gained another pound this week on top of the two pounds I gained the week before! Which is great cause I have catching up to do. My legs are getting stronger every day and I am LOVING the playing I get to do with my brothers and sister. I will keep you all updated on my stay at's been great! Love you all!!!

So glad to see she's doing better!! Let's get those cards out to her ASAP! :)
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