Monday, February 13, 2012

Emily Update! With pics!

My brother Sean (Emily's dad) called me today with news that he found a HUGE surprise in the mailbox!! Over 15 cards just from the weekend! And that was BEFORE the blog hop! I hope we get bags and bags of cards for little Emily! He told me that he would take pictures when Emily gets the giant bag of cards for everyone to see! :)

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Emily has been doing sooo good!!! Here are her latest updates in her journal on If you would like to keep up with her on your own and leave her some comments feel free to sign up for her website at CaringBridge. All you need to do is enter your email and you will be able to see her updates and photos, leave comments and make donations in tribute to her :)

written by Sean Ziemathis
Guess who lost a tooth last night?! Emily did!!! And the tooth fairy left a whole 10 dollar bill under her pillow! Way to go Emily! How exciting. :0)

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2012 8:57 PM, PST
Written by Sean Ziemathis
I had a visit with physical therapy and my drs office today and things went great! My physical therapist says I'm getting stronger very quickly and I'm even stronger than last week. And my dr says that all my numbers look good today. I had a little time in between appointments so I went to visit my good friend, Allie, who is inpatient. It was fun to see her 'cause we got to play in the hallway on the scooters and bikes! She was my roommate my first few nights ever at Children's and I have a feeling she will be a lifelong friend :0) Tomorrow I am going to school with brother early to drop off my Valentines I made for my class and my teacher will be coming over Wednesday to work on my schoolwork with me so I don't get behind. I sure do miss school. Well Happy Valentines Day to you all!!! My heart sends each and every one of you lots and lots of love!!!!

walking really good!!

Her friend from the hospital on the left. Emily on the right.

Emily on the right :)

She's home!

Hope you enjoy!! I'm so proud of her! She's soo brave and sooo strong!

Please visit HERE to read her entire story and link up a card to send to Emily and her family!!



Suzanne said...

Love seeing the pics and her infectious smile. I can't wait to see pics of her with her stash of cards. Praying for her.

Karen Wilson said...

Gorgeous photo's and just look at that BEAUTIFUL smile. She's beautiful, Michelle. That is awesome about those cards! How fun!!!! So glad you put this together and we're able to put a smile on such a sweet little girl's face.

Michele F. said...

Ohhh this makes me so happy!! I hope the word really got around and she gets lots and lots of goodies. :-)

Elizabeth said...

What a pretty young lady! Her smile is awesome! So awesome that the cards are already there. My first one is in the mail:)