Sunday, January 20, 2013

PL13 Week 1

As promised, here is week 1 of my PL13! I am very proud of myself that I have been caught up so far! Just a little slow on the posting part, but I am trying to work on that this year :) So far I have been able to finish the weekly spreads before the next week is over and that to me is a HUGE accomplishment since I'm such a perfectionist, and it seems that the deciding what pictures should go where and how to resize them is what takes me the longest.... I found an awesome freebie planner that I will share with you for next week's spread, so keep an eye out! ;) It definitely helps in that department!

Remember: any of my pictures that you would like to enlarge, just click on the picture for the SUPER close up version!
This week was a lot of fun! We went to the Oakland CA Zoo, so I wanted to do a whole 12x12 page of my weekly spread just for that day. My favorite thing to do so far is journaling directly on the photos! I love the look, and freedom that it gives me that I would never do in full size scrapbooking! I also love that everyday pictures are getting scrapped!

My calendar is a freebie printout that I have pinned on my Pinterest, all I did was cut out the calendar part of the 3x4 card with a little border and I'm going to add one of these to every week, I love the look! "This week" and "smile" cards are also freebies I found on Pinterest!

For this project I also learned how to use Photosheet to manipulate my pictures to be ready for printing in sizes that I want, I love the ease and quickness of it! Much quicker than resizing and adding white space in photoshop! I used it to make my 3x4 picture and those little 2x3 pictures too!

Don't you LOVE that craft zebra print!? I do!

And here's my favorite girl! and my favorite animal!

Thanks for looking!!


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Iverova said...

Look, it's a good idea to print on kraft paper, "zebra"! I thought that paper with someone's new collection! )))