Saturday, April 21, 2012

Warning!!!! All Bloggers and Picasa users!!

I recently got an android tablet, the Acer Iconia tab A100 and it automatically came with Google+. When I registered my account to my tab it uploaded all of my google photos, including all the pictures from my Picasa account (which is where all the photos for Blogger are). Thinking that the photos were COPIES of the Picasa albums I deleted those albums from my Google+ account. It removed all of the cluttered blogger photos from my albums on Google+ and on my tab so I was happy.

Then I get an email today saying that my blogger account is having issues and NONE of my photos on blogger are coming up. I checked my Picasa account and all the photos that I deleted from my Google+ account were now all deleted from Picasa also; which in turn has therefore deleted ALL of the photos on my ENTIRE blog!!!

First of all....AHHHHHH!!!! A whole year, over 100 posts, over 1000 pictures, GONE! Thankfully I have all of the photos on my computer still and I can get them all put back on my blog, but the thing about deleting from Picasa is, it's PERMANENT! No recycle bin, no recovery, no warning! I am going to have to go through post by post, photo by photo and remove the black "error" photo and replace it with the photo that once was there. UGHHHH! So tedious and time consuming! So this will take me a little while to get my blog back up to normal but I wanted to warn all my followers just in case I can prevent the same thing from happening to you!

If I could go back and do it all over again I would have moved them all into a folder just for blogger instead of trying to get rid of them from my photos completely. The photos don't make sense without the blog written with them so I saw them as clutter on my G+ account and on my tab.... For future reference, DO NOT SEE THEM AS I DID!

I really really hope I can at least prevent one person from losing all of their photos and then this will have served its purpose! So basically my warning to you is that Google+ and Picasa and Blogger photos are all one in the same and not copies so please be careful when trying to declutter your photo albums!


Karen Wilson said...

Oh Michelle! That is AWFUL!! So sorry this happened to u.

Leanne said...

So sorry this happened. I did this silly thing sometime ago. Luckily it was just when I'd started blogging.

Bernie said...

Thanks Michelle! I'm posting a link to this on my blog.

Sandra H said...

Oh gosh sorry to hear this has happened:)x

Sam said...

Owch! What a pain in the butt! Thanks for the warning. I came to see you via Bernie.

Hazel said...

I saw the link on Bernie's blog - thanks for the warning, but awful that it happened to you x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Just popped over from Bernie's Blog. Good luck with sorting it all out. WHAT a pain in the "you know where". x

Expressions By Elaine said...

I did the same thing!
I still have not gotten all my pictures put back on my blog!

Mother of 4. My husband's toys cost more. said...

So sorry about your photos...People wonder why I can not stand Apple! LOL! Going to follow you and your work. Hope you do the same :)